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Coalition for Little Assawoman Bay

Don't destroy our bays in order to save them


July 3, 2015



Steve Friend, a potential shellfish farmer, asked that “everyone give shellfish aquaculture a chance.” He may have been personally invited to join the Center for the Inland Bays’ Tiger Teams, but those who have traditionally enjoyed our bays — recreational users, tourists and nearby residents — received no such invitation. They were purposely excluded from these deliberations.

However, residents and business owners who are members of our Coalition for Little Assawoman Bay share a concern for cleaning up the bays and support aquaculture in appropriate, healthful environments.

What we object to is placing plots where they interfere with recreational uses and mandating a forest of markers that both disrupt navigation and destroy the bays’ natural beauty. Who wants to come to a state park for relaxation and find hundreds of acres of actively worked shellfish plots?

Our coalition represents nearly 600 homes and businesses on both sides of Little Assawoman Bay. We are working to craft a solution that will accommodate varied uses while preventing Delaware from destroying its precious bays in order to save them.

Diane Maddex
Coalition for Little Assawoman Bay
Fenwick Island

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