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The speaker of the House

Several citizens [actually about 500] have recently expressed concern about the location of some potential aquaculture sites adopted through the regulations. DNREC is further evaluating the program and its regulations to determine how to address the concerns while affording aquaculturists the ability to operate a viable business.

The next step in the process involves a decision by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a request for aquaculture locations, markings and gear type, after which the state will determine if further refinement of the program is needed.

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Shortsightedness jeopardizing tourism

Tourism represents one of our major economic drivers.

That’s why it’s particularly disturbing to drive into state parks around the Inland Bays and see signs posted such as these at the Savages Ditch kayak-launching area. One sign makes it abundantly clear it’s neither safe nor legal to take and consume shellfish from nearby waters. The other uses a lot more language to explain the waters can be unsafe for swimming due to pollution, especially after heavy rain events.

Neither additional regulations to require adequate buffers nor additional taxes to remedy infrastructure problems get much traction these days. But this shortsightedness can only hurt the tourism economy that depends on healthy natural resources.

We are spoiled when it comes to taxes.

Because of the wise decisions of generations before us, more than 30 percent of our state’s operating revenues come from outside our borders in the form of corporate franchise taxes and abandoned corporate property.

We can certainly bear to pay a little more to clean up our environment so we can remove signs like these, and still live in one of the tax friendliest states in the country.

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Improper notice is reason to reverse shellfishing designation

Just imagine... if Sussex County were proposing to install an industrial food processing operation in your residential neighborhood, directly across the street from your home, just 200 feet from your property.

Quite appropriately, there would be a large, bright yellow sign announcing the proposal. It would include a diagram of the proposed site, a description of its proposed use, a phone number to call for more information and an announcement of public hearings at which you would be welcome to express your opinions about the land use proposal.

None of that happened when the State of Delaware announced, without posted public notice, its installation of an industrial food processing operation the same distance from my house, in Beach Cove, surrounded by residential neighborhoods containing almost 300 homes. (A similar situation occurred in a residential neighborhood of Assawoman Bay.) Guest column by Ralph Begleiter

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Not in anyone's backyard

There’s nothing wrong with standing up for our own communities, and standing with our fellow citizens who want to preserve their quality of life. Not everything about modernity is worth embracing. We have the right to protect and defend the things we care about. Indeed, it’s defeatist not to.

Most supposedly NIMBY arguments are not NIMBYist at all – they are NIABYist: not in anyone’s backyard. They are about preserving beauty, safety and integrity of communities. Naomi Oreskes, Washington Post

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